Welcome to
Rehoboth Global Campus


1. Because of long-term rental, the space rental is not available until MAY 31st.

2. CO-WORKING is available only existing G-campus members.

If you want to use our space, please come upstairs (REHOBOTH BUSINESS CENTER in sin-chon)
You can use during MON to FRI, 9AM-6PM( No Weekends and Holidays allowed.)


Whole Campus
02/01 2:31pm — 05/31 2:31pm
전체촬영대관으로 대관불가
Whole Campus
03/18 2:27pm — 03/24 2:27pm
전체대관으로 대관 및 사용불가
Whole Campus
03/25 2:27pm — 03/31 2:27pm
전체대관으로 대관 및 사용불가